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Twilight Car Seat Covers

twilight car seat covers

    seat covers

  • (Seat cover) attractive female in passenger seat, usually in a 4 wheeler
  • (Seat cover) Sometimes used to describe drivers or passengers of four-wheelers.
  • (Seat Cover) The vinyl material that covers the part of the bike you sit on.


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twilight car seat covers – Kolcraft Contours

Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller, Ruby
Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller, Ruby
Parents and riders have more choices than ever with the super-flexible Contours Options Tandem Stroller – it allows you to arrange the seating of it to fit any mood or occasion!

Seats easily reverse to adapt to 4 seating options
Uniflex design can be used as a single stroller by removing extra seat for a lightweight alternative
Toddlers will love the easy step in, rear stadium-style seating and safety grips while out walking next to Mom
Holds up to two infant car seats; and includes one adapter that fits most car seat brands on the market
Floating seat designed with suspension to give baby a comfortable ride
8″ single swivel wheels and 10″ rear never-flat wheels
Seats recline fully for infant’s comfort
Removable infant head rest with soft micro fleece fabric
Padded front child bar
Easy trigger levers and free-stand fold stands upright
Removable parent tray with locking lid for drinks and essentials
Height adjustable 5-point harness with reflective trim has sleeves for safety and comfort
Each seat accommodates up to 40 lbs.

The Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller adds flexibility to your routine with your child. Featuring a design that offers the ultimate in safety and convenience, this tandem stroller has seats that can be reversed. With a car-seat adapter and hold-on handles that let older children walk with you, this stroller system will provide you with several convenient travel options.

The Contours Options Tandem Stroller offers:
Two reversible seats with canopies.
Height-adjustable five-point safety harnesses.
Suspension for a smooth ride.

The Contours Options stroller is also compatible with most car seat brands on the market.

The pair of reversible seats each have their own canopy, and can both face you, face each other, both face forward, or sit back to back. View larger.
Seven Different Stroller Options
With a pair of reversible seats, children in the Contours Options Tandem Stroller can both face you, face each other, both face forward, or sit back to back. With an infant car-seat adapter that fits most car seat brands on the market, the Contours Options stroller will become a vital part of an effective travel system for your infant. An additional car seat attachment can be purchased separately to accommodate twins in your stroller.
When you don’t need a tandem stroller, the system’s uniflex design lets you remove the extra seat, giving you a lightweight single stroller with plenty of storage in back.
Designed with Safety and Comfort in Mind
The Contours Options Tandem stroller features height-adjustable five-point safety harnesses with padded sleeves for comfort and reflective trim. A removable infant head rest protects your newborn’s head and sunrider canopies adjust in all directions to protect your babies’ sensitive skin from the sun.
The unique floating seat design uses suspension to ensure a smooth ride, and both seats recline for infant comfort. Eight-inch single swivel wheels and 10-inch rear never-flat wheels make this stroller easy to maneuver. The front child bar rotates and can be removed for easy child access, while four easy steps let toddlers get in by themselves.
This stroller is certified for safety by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
Convenient for You
The tandem features a unique Easy Trigger Fold and convenient Free-Stand features that allow the stroller to stand on its own, while easy-trigger folding makes stowing your stroller quick and effortless. It’s even easy to store this tandem stroller in a small space, since you can remove both seats to make it more compact.
For the ultimate in parental convenience, the system also includes a removable parent tray with two drink holders and large basket underneath accommodate all the essentials you and your babies need.

What’s in the Box
Contours Options Tandem stroller and single car-seat adapter.

I think I’ve pretty much sorted out Father’s Day gifts, except I checked with my Mom & the one I was going to get for Hugh to give they already have. Bummer. He’s going to have to find something of his own. & given Hugh’s latest track record with gift giving (& he is so not getting a birthday present off me this year . . . actually he probably will because I like to bring happiness into other people’s lives) he probably won’t even remember to get anything. I’ll keep prodding him until he does. Actually, being fair to him he said he was going to look for something else earlier, without me prompting him.

I think I may have straightened this photo too much one way. This was basically the first night I strayed off the creative modes for any period of time. I prefer the security blanket of creative to actually having to use manual. Well, I should say preferred. Now I practically always use manual. I didn’t have a tripod with me so I had to balance it on the slightly bumpy bridge wall & hope the exposure was enough. I think for a first try this is actually okay.

So I finished The Iliad last night. Finally. & when my Dad got me up I chatted to him in his study as he got ready to go about the next books I should read. Probably reread Chaucer. I should really read it in Middle English, as I’ve read it in English, but I’ve forgotten most of it so I need a refresher. Hugh came home as my Dad packed because his lessons were done for the day & he can’t play sports due to his recovering knee, & then I gave my Dad a hug & he went off to speak at a meeting.

After chatting to Hugh for a bit (& getting Benny to lie down next to him on my Mom & Dad’s bed, which he never does) I started searching my Dad’s bookshelves. I found Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which is one of my texts for the Modern Literature module, & in my Big Red Box of Helpful Things that I refused to put in the attic I found my Chaucer. I also found my background reading on Jane Austen’s books (it’s such a great book I got it out to read for fun now that I’ve read another of her books) & tons & tons of notebooks. Some of them were almost full with my revision from last year, but some had loads of pages left, so I grabbed them for use next time I needed to make notes. Abby settled down on my Dad’s couch while I was in there, & I felt so mean having to take her out again when I left!

Hugh suddenly remembered that the Doctor Who game was now online, which prompted me to remember that the Twilight novella about Bree Tanner was online now. Eeeeee!! So we both went off to our own passions, & I read straight through the Bree Tanner book & I felt so sorry for her & I was Diego hadn’t gone to talk to Riley, & I wish Bree had realised sooner & gone with Fred instead of being killed by the Volturi. Obviously there will always be the 15 year old me who is completely in love with the Twilight world, & I am totally not ashamed of that. But my brother came into my room to tell me his laptop didn’t have enough memory for the Doctor Who game just after Diego had failed to reappear with Riley & I knew he was dead & had to tell my brother all about it. He didn’t seem to care really . . . & my Dad called & told me to ‘A Month in the Country’, so I went & took that down from his bookshelf & Abby tried to scamper in again & I felt so bad about kicking her out again that I didn’t stop her when she tried to come into my room, & she was so sweet & curled up on the bed next to me.

Hugh & I had dinner really early, as neither of us had bothered to eat all day. Actually, I think he had eaten, but was hungry anyway. He made scrambled eggs on toast & I made pasta & split it with him when he said he was still hungry. Growing boy. & then I wrote a summary of The Iliad so that I could remember all the notes & the sequence of events. I kept checking on Spark Notes, as otherwise my notes would have been more along the lines of "Achilles fights the river god Xanthus, because Xanthus is in a mood & Achilles seems a bit of a prick." Obviously I needed them to be a little more informative than that.

My Mom came home & told my brother that she’d tried to park the car but O’Malley wouldn’t move out of the way, & that after beeping her horn she gave up & got out & put him on the front seat as he parked. Cute. I heard her tell him this in the hallway but Hugh came & told me afterward & saw Abby on my bed & spent ages next to her while I bought my Dad a poster. Originally it was supposed to be free apart from postage & packaging, but apparently they’d run out of their quota of free posters so were giving out discounts instead. Hugh fell asleep at the end of my bed at this point & stole my covers, so I just browsed Father’s Day gifts & checked that what I wanted was still in stock. My Mom came in to sho

mirrors-day 9 of 365

mirrors-day 9 of 365
So, I’ve seen a few of you with your lists of random things so I thought I’d give it a try… feeling a little introspective so what the heck…

Random Things About Me

1. I hate my nose… genetically it had no chance… breaking it twice made matters worse

2. I find that coffee is a solution to nearly every situation

3. If coffee doesn’t work, jumping jacks do… you can’t do anything but feel silly and giddy after jumping around and flailing your arms for a few…

4. I want a new tattoo but I’m waiting for my friend to come home from Iraq

5. I drive a red truck… it makes me feel tough… no, I won’t help you move… what’s that? free beer? okay!!!

6. I haven’t had a haircut for 8 months.

7. I’m allergic to tomatoes and dairy and eggs

8. I love tomatoes and dairy and eggs

9. I embrace suffering (therefore I’ll still eat pizza and pay for it for days)

10. I love Tom Petty

11. I’ve been covered in someone else’s blood

12. I have a compulsion to nickname everyone, and given nicknames evolve constantly causing people to give me looks like "what did you just call me???" I also come up with every possible nickname for people’s potential baby names… some people say I can only come up with horrible nicknames, I say kids are crueler than me and will come up with even worse ones so if they don’t like mine they better pick a new name

13. I’m obsessed with keeping my floors clean… I’d vacuum and mop every day if my roommate didn’t look at me like I was a crazy person every time I reach for the broom.

14. I absolutely LOVE getting something other than bills and junk mail in the mailbox. One postcard makes me happy for days :o)

15. People who ask me if I’m related to Mariah Carey piss me off… yeah, she’s my sister but in my family we all share the same first name … grrrrrr… The fact that my roomie’s name is Carey doesn’t help things either… and NO I don’t sing

16. I joined flickr to keep a friend accountable to fulfill her new years resolution to complete a 365 day project. Now I’m the one trying to complete a project and she’s fallen off the face of the earth.

17. In college I adopted two cats and named them Sonny and Cher. Sonny died in a freak accident (with freakish similarity to his namesake). After that, my roomie and I ended up with one rescue cat after another and started the Beatles with George, Ringo and Lennon but for some reason we never got a Paul…hmmm… anyways, I still have Cher and Ringo… strange couple

18. I have a dog named Kimi, short for Kimimela which means butterfly in Native American, her official show name is Too Damn Cute, her nicknames are kim chi, cha chi, kimmers, scooby, goober, gumby, bisous, bonzo, dorko, and goobee… don’t ask

19. I hate wearing shoes. Since my foot injury I’ve had to wear shoes more than ever and it has been miserable.

20. My favorite drink is gin and tonic… but I never object to a good beer

21. If I didn’t have to pay the bills or sleep I would write all day and all night.

22. I have trusted less than 5 people enough to let them read my writing…

23. I’ve always wanted to fall in love on vacation… the closest I ever came broke my heart

24. I learned to knit from a book published in the 50’s and over phone calls from a friend several states away.

25. I knit scarves for every member of my family 2 Christmases ago… it never gets cold enough around here for scarves..

26. I have TMJ and my jaw has been locked for 12 years…

27. I slept outside in a field in Alaska… later saw the same city featured as the top spot for fatal bear encounters on “When Animals Attack”

28. The first and only fish I ever caught weighed about 40 pounds…

29. I never want to catch a fish again

30. I bite the insides of my cheeks, kind of a nervous habit

31. My favorite place on earth is Cades Cove in Tennessee

32. I like to hang my head out of the car window and look straight up into the sky, preferably on roads with overhanging tree branches (from the passenger seat of course!)

33. I have anxiety over hanging things on walls… I once had a break down over un-hangable shelves because of metal studs…

34. I borrow my friends’ husbands to hang things (and to install floors-James you are my hero!!!)

35. It’s been years since I’ve been to the beach and it’s only 45 minutes away but I think about it constantly all day :o(

36. I have taken a vow of celibacy

No, it’s not a joke and it didn’t start for religious reasons although my faith has been what has inspired me to keep this vow after years. Really, I got tired of complicating friendships and wasting emotions. Since most guys I’ve met can’t even fathom waiting until the second date let alone marriage this simple vow has rooted out a lot of weeds… but it makes you wonder if there are any men that won’t run away…

but on the lighter side of things…

37. I’m still mad that they turned “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” into “Winnie the Pooh’s Blustery Da

twilight car seat covers

11pc Safari Car Mats Seat Steering Wheel Cover Set
Total 11 pieces of car accessories set includes 2 pieces of seat covers with 2 separate head rest cover. Made with high grade heavy weight acrylic fabric with velvet and fury feel. These Low Back seat covers will fit any car SUV, truck or van with regular bucket seats. It will also fit seats with arm rest (zipper on the side). 2 front and 2 back pieces carpet Zebra print mat with nibbed tip backing. The front piece size is 27″ X 17.25″, rear size: 17.5″ X 13.25″ and Steering wheel cover (fits steering wheels with 14.5″ ~16″ diameter, and 2 seat belt covers.